excuse the language but 

stop making the motherfucking exo fandom looking mother fucking worse as it already is

exo fan or not, have some mother fuckin respect. people died. I can’t even image how the survivors feel right now. It’s such a traumatic event. i mean, even that last comment seems so fucking fake tryna make exo fans look bad. how do you guys have the time to start even more hate. and even more fandom wars. do you think this is funny? no. get a fucking life. why would you even make time in your boring ass life to even make such disrespecting comments and pretend that you’re an exo fan. go fucking save a kitten or some shit gotdamn. do something better to the world. how do you have that hate inside you to make you this way. go see a mother fucking therapist for your hatred mind.
Second of all. Why does that first comment have “thumbs up?” Yeah I don’t even want to fuckin begin. so some other EXO fans/nonfans agree with that comment? Wait really? This tragedy shouldn’t be considered a joke in the first place.

im so sick and tired of dumb ass people trying to make other fandoms look bad. And even to their own fandom. Grow up.

Are you fucking KIDDING ME, EXOtics?

I’ll have you know one of my 4th graders was BESIDE herself today because her best friend’s sister is still missing on that ferry. People are texting their loved ones to say good bye as they slowly freeze and drown to death in a still-sinking death trap.

CHILDREN. High school CHILDREN are dead and missing and hurt and scared and all you care about is you won’t get to drool and masturbate over new pictures and videos of 12 guys who are similarly mourning a TRAGEDY over here?

Fuck off.

Such sadness

Thank you for genrealising the exo fandom once again. Find 3 posts and start grilling the exotics. What about the 99% of the fandom who are totally supporting SM’s decision to delay the comeback. It’s more annoying because those ‘fans’ can go see the exo MV because it’s bloody everywhere. Meh, getting really annoyed seeing posts like this. 

it’s not generalizing, i’ve seen many other posts as this one and unfortunately is a bit less than 99%. not every single exo fan is bad but unfortunately i’ve seen more bad cases than good and it’s quite tiring actually.

you know…the yooze


この双子ちゃんの彼の英語 もっそい聞きづらいのは私だけ?


Excuse me…? ㅠㅠ


like i’m all about equal opportunity shipping y’all know that

but there are just some ships that i look at and go


dat ass kibum


I just wanna stroke Key’s cheekbones